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Can you quote me on a turnkey system?

Yes, Tri-State Automation is a turnkey system integrator. We will review all the specifics such as application type, robot or robots required, location and other key elements to determine if it’s a project that we can effectively quote.

Can you help with training and start-up at my plant?

Yes, Tri-State Automation is dedicated to providing the training to meet the customer’s needs to sustain success at either your facility or in our TsA training center.

What is your standard warranty?

Our standard warranty is 3 months on parts, however, we always try and customize the warranty to best suit the customer’s needs.

Where are you located?

Tri-State Automation is conveniently located at 710 Michigan St.
Hammond, IN 46320

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express online only.

Are the robots being sold in an “as is” or refurbished condition?

Most of the robots we sell are sold in a refurbished condition and with a warranty as we want to insure there aren’t any problems on your plant floor. On occasion we are asked to sell “as is” and we are not opposed to selling certain ones that way but it’s on a case by case basis.

Can you help me in determining the right robot for my application?

Yes, we look at a number of key elements to determine the best robot for your application.

What should I know when requesting a quote for a used robot?

The main things that you should know are the reach and payload needed as well as the application type.

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