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Tri-State Automation can bring new life to your aging robot inventory!

When your robot needs repair – we can help you determine the level of service that you need. Tri-State Automation can repair only the broken component, provide a full rebuild or anything in-between. Of course we will always provide our expert recommendation after a thorough evaluation. Some of our services include:

  • Full load evaluations
  • Grease/oil analysis
  • Circuit board, teach pendant and servo amplifier repair
  • Servo amplifier refurbishment
  • Servo motor rebuild
  • Wrist rebuild
  • Cable replacement
  • RV replacement
  • Oil and/or grease replacement
  • Detailed cleaning of controller and robot arm
  • Repaint
  • Full load testing


  • Upgrade robot software
  • Add, change or configure I/O
  • Add, change or remove tooling
  • Add dress packages
  • Add electrical connections and air to upper arm
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