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Full Service

Tri State Automation has the in-house resources and manpower to:

  • Analyze a prospects part and process
  • Verify that the part assembly and process can be automated.
  • Perform a feasibility study
  • Develop a plan for automation with timelines, costs and projected production expectations
  • Robot programming for Yaskawa Motoman, OTC-Daihen, and Fanuc Robotics
  • AutoCAD design and simulation
  • Standard and custom tooling and fixture production
  • Standard and custom cell wall fabrication to meet your space limitations
  • Stock used parts such as robot arms, end effectors, servo motors, cabinets, bearings, and welding cabinets both Miller and for on-site service
  • We offer preventative maintenance and refurbishment services for Yaskawa Motoman, OTC-Daihen and Fanuc Robots

Tri State Automation is an official Yaskawa Motoman and OTC-DAIHEN authorized System Integrator and Solution Provider.  Our specialty is building standard and custom automated welding and material handling systems.

We help companies in the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Northwest Indiana area implement cost effective robotic systems in to thier business, using our turnkey automation solutions and lean manufacturing principles.

  • Discover and eliminate bottlenecks, production inefficiencies and safety issues
  • Analyze how operator performance could impact production and flow to improve ROI
  • Explore multiple part scheduling to increase robot automation to keep utilization high
  • Verify and/or correct process assumptions and timing issues
  • Examine alternate floor layouts to optimize space when asked
  • Identify potential torch/part/ tooling interference
  • Estimate and study cycle time options to increase product throughput

Standard service hours of operation Monday – Friday 7-4

Tri-State Automation is consistently buying and selling used industrial robot systems. We hold a wide variety of standalone robotic systems and cells. Some of our inventory includes used OTC- Diahen, Motoman, Panasonic, and Fanuc robots.

The typical ROI for a refurbished welding robot is generous and swift. Robots are industrious, resulting in a higher level of productivity and almost immediately decreasing your overhead and manufacturing costs. Tri-State Automation has a history of helping companies increase management control with refurbished and cost efficient robotic cells.

Want to breathe life back into your current Robotic System? Retrofit an updated robot into your cell, you will see reduced cycle time and improved weld quality. We have been receiving excellent pricing on standalone robots with complete weld packages.

Tri-State Automation has some of the best robotic cells on the market with very competitive pricing. So whether you’re looking for a Turntable, Ferris Wheel, or Two Station System, Tri-State has it. We have negotiated some of the best pricing in the business. Our custom cells are very user friendly and training comes included in the cell package price.

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