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trunion-fixture-safari[1]Tooling and fixture production are critical to the success of an automation project. Tooling is an extremely important aspect of automating processes for a group or family of parts. At Tri-State Automation we have in-house staff that allows us to do design simulations. AutoCAD software allows us create a functional design for a fixture before we start construction of the fixture.

Our Process for Tooling:

  • Observe customers existing tooling and process flow
  • Analyze the part construction process
  • Decide the best production approach headstock/tail stock or turntable
  • Depending on the size of the part can you load one, two or multiple parts
  • Our engineering staff then builds preliminary drawings
  • Those drawings are presented to customer
  • Tooling production is completed
  • Parts are then loaded in to the fixture and cycle tested for rotation, speed and functionality


Optimizing load and unload times for you product as well as minimizing down time for tooling change outs are essential in getting the most out of your automated work cell. Our objective is to build tooling that allows the material handler to load parts and sub assembles in to the tooling while the robot is welding.

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