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We have complete internal cell production capabilities. Our ability to construct a standard cell or customize welding cell allows us to create a better solution for our customer. We are well versed with the safety and security requirements needed for a welding. We have created cell configurations for a single robot and multiple robots. We have created cells for MIG welding, TIG welding and stick welding.

Components of a Welding Cell:

  • Fencing for security
  • Light curtains for safety
  • Safety doors
  • Yellow welding screening curtains
  • Automatic production kill switches
  • Head stock, tail stock or turntable

Welding cell design at Tri-State is a big part of the original design process. Understanding the robots reach, the space needed for an operator, and size constraints the customer has are all taken in to consideration before cell construction can start. We would invite you to come for a visit and look at our facility to see the different cell configurations.

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